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E-commerce may outpace brick-and-mortar 2018-11-15

E-commerce may outpace brick-and-mortar this Thanksgiving

This could be the year that e-commerce outstrips visits to brick-and-mortar stores as nearly 100 national wholesale watches retailers have announced plans to be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving weekend gift shopping visits to brick-and-mortar stores were down slightly last year compared to 2016, but still outpaced e-commerce, data from market research company Numerator showed, with physical stores attracting more shoppers than websites on each day except Cyber Monday.

But brick-and-mortar held just a slight advantage over e-commerce on Thanksgiving Day 2017, with 17.9 million trips vs. 16.4 million online shoppers.

“The number of eCommerce gift trips on Thanksgiving Day increased by almost 20 percent in 2017, and it would not be surprising to see that number increase in 2018 to exceed the number of brick and mortar trips on Thanksgiving Day,” said Ryne Misso, Numerator’s director of marketing.

Physical shopping still far outstripped cyber shopping on Black Friday, drawing 31.4 million shoppers vs. 20.9 online.

But the data shows that while brick-and-mortar shopping grew slightly last year — 4 percent on Thanksgiving and 1 percent on Black Friday — e-commerce trips were up 19 percent and 11 percent respectively on those days.

After Thanksgiving and Black Friday, brick-and-mortar trips dropped off, down 10 percent on Saturday, 3 percent on Sunday, and 8 percent on Cyber Monday, while e-commerce was up on every day except Sunday, which saw a 2 percent decline.

Forbes reported that Cyber Monday revenues in 2017 were 68 percent percent higher than Black Friday’s.

Bestblackfriday.com lists nearly 100 national retailers that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day 2018, including Costco and Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Lowe's, Petco and Petsmart, department stores Von Maur, Nordstrom and Dillard’s, and off-price fashion retailers Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.

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Transparency In Influencer Marketing 2018-11-12

Influencer marketing has long been a popular technique among marketers. It’s been an effective way to engage with customers in an authentic, non-intrusive manner. As more brands get involved in the practice, platforms are evolving to accommodate for the increase in brand-influencer collaborations. Today, 49% of people feel as if some restrictions should be placed on the content that influencers are creating according to Bazaarvoice research. Much of this is because platforms have become cluttered with unnatural relationships and abrasive content strategies.

Recently the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has released a new set of guidelines with regard to transparency in influencer marketing. The primary goal behind this is to ensure that influencers communicate clearly and honestly with their audiences and properly disclose any commercial relationships they may have with brands. Ads should be clearly designated as ads, for example. The guidance also makes it clear what constitutes an ad and what they are not. It also discusses what may happen if a complaint is made. Finally, brands and influencers are given the means to determine whether or not content they are planning to publish is considered to be an advertisement.

Compliance with these guidelines is a wise idea. Brands and influencers who do so aren’t just avoiding sanctions, they are taking steps that consumers want them to take. That can go a long way in restoring some of the trust that has eroded, ultimately allowing brands to create more meaningful campaigns that can have great lasting impact through social collaboration. Below are some ways that they can respond to these new guidelines.

Identify content as being either wholly or partially affiliated

Whether content is entirely produced for the purpose of marketing a product or service, or just happens to contain some branded mentions or appearances, they must be flagged in some way. For example, if an influencer has been paid to create a video, they must indicate that in the title or caption of the video. If only certain elements are sponsored, they may use a technique such as flagging the links to those dropshipping store products. In any case, all the ad placements should be clearly marked as such at all times.

Make a plan for each social media platform

It’s not enough to simply make a general commitment to comply with these guidelines. According to Cam Wilkie, co-founder of func.media, a millennial-run viral media agency, “There’s no one size fits all way to comply with these standards. Each platform has its own unique attributes. It’s important to look at all of the places you are present, then determine the steps you need to take in order to stay within established guidelines. Above all, brands can maximize their impact by collaborating with influencers who best align with their mission and values, rather than oversaturating the market with inauthentic relationships.”

When it comes to evaluating best practices, for example, you would tag sponsored content on Instagram differently than you would on YouTube because of the differences between the two platforms.

According to Maximillian Berger, “The good news is that many platforms have now built in tools that can help you comply with both the regulations established in the UK and the FTC regulations in the States. For example, Instagram now has a paid partnership tag. YouTube and Facebook also have mechanisms for brands and influencers to disclose their relationships. When there are no official means to comply, it’s still important to implement best practices. Use tags like #AD or #Sponsored to indicate that a post has been paid. Be aware that there are other tags that are popular, but not officially recognized. It’s important not to be too obscure or try to disguise the ‘#spon’ tag among the sea of others.”

Recognize that audiences are becoming savvier

It may be wise to understand the reasons behind these guidelines and more importantly increasing audience sensitivity. According to the same study from Bazaarvoice, 47% of customers feel tired of inauthentic content published by influencers. Not only are they recognizing when content is misaligned with an influencers personal brand, they’re becoming more aware of the practice in general as more companies enter the market. It’s not just about tagging ads. It’s about dealing with the increasing lack of trust and skepticism that outdated influencer techniques are creating.

Rather than simply planning to comply in order to avoid sanctions, the better approach may be to embrace new methods. These may help to improve audience relationships and increase trust. Audiences aren’t opposed to being marketed to. Many just disapprove of the manufactured nature and lack of genuine connection associated with certain sponsored campaigns. An honest, authentic approach could be seen as refreshing for brands entering the market in 2018 and beyond.

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Google tools reveal political ad removal data 2018-11-07

Public databases that shine a light on online political ads - launched by Facebook and Google before Tuesday's U.S. elections - offer the public the first broad view of how quickly the dropship clothing companies yank advertisements that break their rules. The databases also provided campaigns unprecedented insight into opponents' online marketing, enabling them to capitalize on weaknesses, political strategists told Reuters.

Facebook Inc and Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, introduced the databases this year to give details on some political ads bought on their services, a response to U.S. prosecutors' allegations that Russian agents who deceptively interfered in the 2016 election purchased ads from the companies.

Russia denies the charges. American security experts said the Russians changed tactics this year.

Reuters found that 436 ads - 375 on Facebook and 61 on Google - from May through October related to 34 U.S. House of Representatives contests declared competitive last month by RealClearPolitics, which tracks political opinion polls.

Of the 258 removed ads with start and end dates, ads remained on Google an average of eight days and Facebook 15 days, according to data Reuters collected from the databases.

Based on ranges in the databases, the 436 ads were displayed up to 20.5 million times and cost up to $582,000, amounting to a fraction of the millions of dollars spent online in those races.

Asked for comment, Google said it is committed to bringing greater transparency to political ads. Facebook said the database is a way the company is held accountable, "even if it means our mistakes are on display."

In some cases, the companies' automated scans did not identify banned material such as hateful speech or images of poor quality before ads went live.

Ads that are OK when scanned may also become noncompliant if they link to a website that later breaks down.

Google's database covers $54 million in spending by U.S. campaigns since May and Facebook $354 million, according to their databases.

Facebook's figure is larger partly because its database includes ads not only from federal races but also for state contests, national issues and get-out-the-vote efforts.

The databases generally do not say why a particular ad was removed, and only Facebook shows copies of yanked ads.

The American Conservative Union political organization, which had 136 ads removed through Sunday on Facebook, said some commercials contained a brief shot of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated head meant to portray U.S. President Donald Trump.

Removing the bloody image resolved the violation for sensational content, and the organization said it had no qualms about Facebook's screening.

Some removals were errors. The Environmental Defense Action Fund said Facebook's automated review wrongly misclassified one of its ads as promoting tobacco.

Ryan Morgan, whose political consulting firm Veracity Media arranged attack ads for a U.S. House race in Iowa, said Google barred those mentioning "white supremacy" until his team could explain the ads advocated against the racist belief.

Five campaign strategists told Reuters they adjusted advertising tactics in recent weeks based on what the databases revealed about opponents' spending on ads and which genders, age groups and states saw the messages.

Ohio digital consultant Kevin Bingle said his team reviewed opponents on Facebook's database daily to take advantage of gaps in their strategy.

Morgan said his team tripled its online ad budget to $600,000 for a San Francisco affordable housing tax after Facebook's database showed the other side's ads were reaching non-Californians.

That political intelligence "let us know that digital was a place we could run up the score," he said.

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Cost of shipping parcels from China set to increase 2018-11-01

The cost of shipping parcels from China abroad is set to rise after the United States argued that current subsidies give Chinese companies an unfair advantage in the booming chinese wholesale websites ecommerce market.

The White House has threatened that the US will quit the 192-member Universal Postal Union,the UN body that sets international shipping rates, because it costs more to ship a package from Los Angeles to New York than it does to ship the same package from Beijing to New York.

Under the current system, China is classed as a developing country and China Post, the state-owned postal service, consequently pays a low fee, known as a “terminal due”, for each parcel that is delivered by the destination country’s postal service.

This fee is currently around a third of the cost of shipping a parcel within the US, allowing Chinese ecommerce companies to undercut their US rivals. Recent years have seen a huge boom in Chinese retailers using marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba to ship to the west, while the United States Postal Service has lost roughly $1 on every small package that arrives from China.

In an interview, Pascal Clivaz, UPU deputy director-general, said that the system will soon change, and customers will have to pay more for productsbought online.

“There is an imbalance especially with one big country,” he said, without mentioning China by name.

“We know we need to make more progress. There are good and positive signals that some countries including this big country recognises this imbalance and want to equalise rates further.”

He said other developed countries “are not happy with the treaty as it is”.

China has already agreed to push rates up by 2021, and may now accelerate this process. So far Beijing has said publicly only that it regretted the US move and would continue to work with the UPU.

The US Postal Service lost more than $135m handling imports from across the world in 2016.

Mr Clivaz said the UPU has been negotiating for years to reform the system to deal with the “tsunami” of parcels moving around the world thanks to the rapid growth in ecommerce.

Officials accept that the treaty signed in 1874 to handle letters sent home and Christmas gifts has struggled to adapt to the global retail revolution.

“There will be an increase in the price of parcels. If you do not integrate the prices of logistics you are damaging the economy. You cannot move a parcel or letter paying nothing. There are 5m workers in the world’s postal industries. They must be paid,” said Mr Clivaz.

He expects more parcels to be pushed into the more expensive “ecommerce” category. This provides track and trace services, insurance and advanced electronic customs declarations. “We need to move these parcels in a more secure way,” he said.

The US and EU will soon make these services mandatory, as they crack down on packages that could contain drugs or unsafe items.

Mr Clivaz said the poorest countries would not be able to digitise customs declarations but, funding permitting, the UPU could provide hubs to collect mail from several countries and make customs declarations.

The US has to wait a year to leave the UPU, when it could then set its own terminal dues. But Mr Clivaz said he did not expect others to follow suit. “The US wants to accelerate negotiations. It is putting pressure on the other 191 countries. We were going to discuss this over the next two years until the congress in 2020. Maybe it will be fast-tracked to 2019. We can always have an exceptional congress. We need an agreement.”

The US provides $2m a year to the UPU. Its total funding is €60m, with €37m from members and €23m from selling services and donors including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimates that global e-commerce sales amounted to $25.3 trillion in 2015 — $22.4 trillion for business-to-business e-commerce, and $2.9 trillion for business-to-consumer e-commerce.

The number of online shoppers in the world rose from fewer than 600m in 2010 to about 1.2bn in 2016.

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How Do I Pick the Right Marketing Agency for My Business 2018-10-29

With the consistent popularity and consumption of online content, entrepreneurs cannot deny that digital marketing plays a huge role in the growth of a company.

There are roughly two billion social network users in the world that you can connect with online. Social media, as we all know, is one of the best channels that enable us to interact with customers.

However, running social media without a social strategy or having a website without SEO or SEM will not be enough for people to feel your online presence. iphone parts wholesale Business goals cannot be achieved if marketing strategies are not effective enough.

You need to seek help from experts who are equipped with the skills and are competent enough to conquer the ever-changing world of online marketing.

But before you make the decision to sign that contract, consider these factors that can help you choose the right agency. The best marketing agency for you should:

1: Match your company’s personality

Yes, it is important to judge a marketing agency based on its performance and history. But picking a marketing agency is as crucial as picking a partner. Wouldn’t you find it easier to work with people who are like-minded and have the same values as you do?

Get to know a company better by initiating casual talks, other than formal meetings. With that, you’ll find out which marketing agency you’ll comfortably and happily work with.

2: Provide you the right staff

A great marketing agency will provide you with a team that is designed to help you reach your business’s specific goals. If an employee is working on your business’s success, you should feel comfortable with their level of expertise in their area of specialization.

Work with experienced marketers who you can hold accountable for delivering great results in every aspect of the marketing plan.

3: Understand Your Business Goals

Depending on their core strengths, digital marketing agencies are tailored to reach specific audiences and meet specific goals. Take time to look over your business’ needs and find a marketing agency whose strengths and assets will help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

4: Implement updated strategies

With digital marketing being a fast-moving and dynamic field, staying updated with the current marketing trends is a must if you want to stand out from all the heavy competition out there.

It is vital for every digital marketing agency to stay accustomed to the present time’s most effective tactics and strategies. For instance, with increased mobile usage, it is important to have a mobile responsive site that is properly optimized and ensure that your social media content is mobile-friendly as well.

5: Show commitment to your company

In choosing from all the agencies you have tapped, be mindful of the ones who immediately responded to your inquiry with a personalized answer and the ones who replied to you late, by sending a pre-made template.

Be aware of the agencies that remain consistent and enthusiastic in communicating with you. That means they have a genuine interest in your company. Choose a company that will stay dedicated to helping your brand. That includes always being responsive and attentive to all concerns you may have.

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Advisory Services for Brands and Retailers 2018-10-24

Edge by Ascential Launches to Deliver Industry-Leading Ecommerce-Driven Data, Insights and Advisory Services for Brands and Retailers

Ascential plc, the global specialist information dropshipping company, announces the launch of Edge by Ascential, the next-generation data, insights and advisory service for brand manufacturers and retailers worldwide looking to win in today’s ecommerce-driven retail environment. With foundational elements from Brand View, Clavis Insight, One Click Retail and PlanetRetail RNG, Edge by Ascential provides its customers—over 500 of the world’s leading brands and retailers—with some of the industry’s most comprehensive and actionable ecommerce-driven data, insights and advisory solutions to measure performance and drive sales, making it the industry’s leading provider world wide for these capabilities.

“Our solutions deliver everything our clients need to build and execute a winning sales strategy in an ever-changing retail environment driven by emerging technologies, innovative platforms and changing demographics in an increasingly challenging global trade system,” explains Boren Novakovic, Edge by Ascential’s managing director. “We give our clients a holistic view of their performance compared to the wider ecommerce market and a clear plan of action to implement their strategies to drive their sales faster and further than ever before.”

Edge by Ascential solutions for brands and retailers include:

Weekly, daily and real-time digital shelf performance metrics

Monitoring of price movements, promotions, availability, product content changes and new product listings

SKU- and category-level online sales and share

Traffic, search optimization and conversion measurements

In-depth price and promotion analytics and benchmarking

Competitive and market intelligence

Omni-channel go-to-market and market optimization strategies

“With today’s launch we are bringing to life Ascential’s vision of creating the world’s best, most complete and accurate retail analytics product to help brands and retailers succeed wherever they are now online and where they plan to be in the future,” states Michael Lisowski, president of Edge by Ascential and chief operating officer of Ascential plc. “Over the past few years, Ascential has methodically acquired the industry’s best solutions and then invested to take these solutions to the next level. Edge by Ascential is that next level: we are now able to provide our customers, who up until today have had to rely on multiple solutions providers, a complete picture of their online performance, be it digital shelf analytics, online sales and share measurement, market optimization intelligence or product pricing and promotion tracking. The human and technological expertise from these top companies we’ve acquired will enable us to further innovate services that will take our customers to their next level of success.”

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InMobi acquires data and advertising company 2018-10-19

InMobi acquires data and advertising company for CMOs to deliver consumer expectations

InMobi, a global provider of mobile enterprise platforms, has acquired mobile data and advertising wholesale childrens clothing company, Pinsight Media, which was formerly wholly owned by Sprint. The deal is part of a broader strategic partnership between InMobi and Sprint across devices, data, media and marketing.

The acquisition of Pinsight looks to build on InMobi’s enterprise platforms and enable CMOs to deliver on consumer expectations. This will be through improved customer understanding for superior targeting, engagement and retention.

By combining network-level mobile data with data from mobile applications and mobile web browsers, InMobi aims to provide CMOs an integrated end-to-end view of consumers. The Pinsight Media acquisition will also bring deep insights and a data management platform to the InMobi Marketing Cloud. This looks to provide enterprise marketers with a bridge between user behavior and an AI-powered marketing strategy.

According to Rob Roy, chief digital officer at Sprint, the company has been looking for a partner to deliver digital marketing and mobile advertising technologies, apart from regulatory, privacy and data concerns. Roy added that this partnership will provide Sprint to drive its marketing success.

“With this acquisition we are creating the most powerful advertising and marketing platform for the US market by unifying online and offline behaviour. As well as, providing CMOs with a way to reach and engage consumers, while remaining compliant with privacy and data protection requirements,” Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO at InMobi said.

“This industry-first acquisition allows InMobi and Sprint to work on our respective strengths together, and provides a global template for partnerships between advertising platforms and telcos,” he added.

“InMobi is deeply committed to telco partners and building a unique data ecosystem to support our enterprise platform for marketers,” Anurakt Jain, VP and GM, strategic data partnerships at InMobi said.

Jain added that the acquisition of Pinsight Media will enhance the company’s ability to deliver to consumer insights, audiences and customer engagement for CMOs.

As a result of this acquisition, InMobi will also expand its operations in North America. This move comes after its recent partnership with Microsoft. This was in a bid to partner up “to enable new-age CMOs” in their transformational journey from digital to mobile marketing.

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How To Boost Your 2018 E-Commerce Holiday Sales 2018-10-11

How To Boost Your 2018 E-Commerce Holiday Sales with Gift Finders

It’s October, and you know what that means. The countdown to get your stores ready for the holiday season is on.

What is often dubbed the „the most wonderful time of the year” is also a time that’s fraught with stress for many. Gift shopping and finding the right presents is still one of the biggest pain points. Most of your customers will start searching for gifts early and eventually buy in the last possible moment.

According to a report published by PayPal, the majority (59%) of Americans find holiday shopping to be stressful and they’d rather do a multitude of unenviable activities instead. 1-in-5 Young Boomers and Gen-Xers would rather go to the dentist and about 1-in-5 Millennials (19%) would rather text with their boss over the weekend!

And when asked about what turns a potentially pleasant experience into a source of stress, 29% of jewelry dropshippers say that there’s too much to choose from online, while 24% say that online stores don’t provide enough product information and support to make selecting the right gift simpler.

When it comes to gift shopping, customers want brands and retailers to be more proactive and assistive

A report by SMARTASSISTANT labeled ‘Humanizing Digital’ found that 68% of shoppers want their favorite brands or retailers to provide them with honest and personal advice, while 44% expect proactive product recommendations and tips when shopping online.

As we enter the most profitable – and busiest – time of the year, we’re seeing more companies using interactive gift finders to provide gift-hunting shoppers with this level of assistance they demand. In fact, last year, we came across several interesting gift finders by companies that are already ahead of the game and are taking full advantage of these solutions.

And it’s clear why:

The interactive, conversational approach of gift guides is proven to increase conversion (+253%), engagement (+76%) and customer satisfaction, as it eases the shopper’s path to suitable gift inspirations.

Gift finders engage shoppers in a conversation, ask a few questions about the gift recipient’s personality, and immediately provide them with gifting ideas, helping even the most indecisive gift shopper on their way to the perfect gift – in a pain-free way.

An interactive gift guide can help your store reach its full potential

Statistics have been very encouraging of late for e-commerce companies: the 2017 holiday shopping season showed the largest growth since 2011. And although growth is likely to slow in 2018, the early consensus is that it will remain solid.

Part of the reason why online retail is in such a healthy position is that savvy companies have become much more responsive to their customer’s pain points and are investing time and resources to make the gift shopping experience as seamless as possible for their customers.

Creating a great gift finder experience helps your holiday campaign stand out, engage customers and make your store the perfect gift shopping destination.

While competitors may differentiate their holiday campaigns based on discounts, which lower their profit margins, it’s your opportunity to stand out as a trusted source and attract more customers by offering an easier and more rewarding gift shopping experience.

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When should your holiday gift finder go live?

When planning the launch of your interactive gift guide you may fall foul of leaving it too late.

As you can see from this graph from Statista, almost $15 billion was spent from Thanksgiving up to Cyber Monday on the 26th November – So your preparations need to start now in order to take advantage of the week that begins on 22nd of November.

How to choose shoes to dropship 2018-10-08

How to choose shoes to dropship?

With dropship shoe companies you have a major advantage as you don’t have to worry about stocking your inventory. As shoes are considered as must-have fashion accessories, so managing inventory list can be a daunting task. On a regular basis, the fashion and demand of current market keep on shifting toward better trends. You may also have to focus on wide variety of color, brands, size, and style. You need to select the right supplier who is willing to offer you with a distinctive advantage. When drop shipping shoes, you need to list different types and brands on your list. You can also maintain the list of fashion wear shoes on your website. You have to select any item that is fast moving and trending. You may have to consider the saturation point before selecting any trending product. So the moment we are speaking of shoe drop shipping companies we can categorize shoes into three basic categories for dropshipping:- men’s shoes, athletic shoes and ladies footwear.

1) Athletic shoes

Athletics shoes are one of the most popular selling products online and can be selected from different types like basketball gear, sneakers or running shoes. When speaking of present industry sales, athletics shoes cover around 20 percent of market sales for man and nearly 10 percent for women. The industry is also dominated by top-rated brands like Adidas or Nike. Ever since drop shipping began, athletics shoes have managed to top the list amongst buyers and suppliers. As per the market survey, athletics shoes offer with 30 to 60 percent success rate as dropship home decor products.

2) Men’s footwear

In present season and as per the Google search, men’s footwear is rated as next hot-selling drop shipping shoes. There are many websites that offer with Nike drop shipping companies brands and products in men’s footwear category. You can make the selection from latest trends ranging from Suede derby shoes to leather tasseled loafers and espadrilles. One main benefit of men’s footwear is that you may not notice much bigger changes every season. Most top rated brands follow similar classical styles in their product range. Within the current shoe market, dress shoes and men’s casual shoes still manage to occupy over 15 percent of the market. The trend does not change a lot with changing season as these are all-time favorites. They also offer with very competitive profitability with sales that can range between 17 to 28 percent in the current market. A lot of competition also exists amongst the sellers of various brands in the market.

3) Ladies footwear

For ladies, fashion keeps on changing with season every time. New ladies wear always introduced in the market every season. During summer the fashion trend changes shedding away heavy boots and winter clothing. During this time, drop shipping shoe companies also try and add ice- incompatible types of ladies footwear. As the manufacturers try and meet the market demands so, new styles are regularly added to ladies footwear categories. These can easily be categorized into three distinct categories like mules, ballet flats, and sandals. When selling these online, you may discover that they have a potential to offer profit margins ranging from 13 percent to over 21 percent. Some best drop shipping websites also offer a heavy discount on ladies footwear every season. Apart from this, you can also survey the current online market for the latest collection of shoes in other categories for drop shipping.

Latest Dropshipaccess Reviews 2018-09-28

What is dropship access?

Dropship access are currently considered as one of the fully featured and biggest service providers offering customers with drop shipping services. You can certainly find many positive dropshipping access reviews online on various review sites. One of the main benefits is that these companies offer customers (buyers and suppliers) with a fully functional database or products. The product list on this website can just exceed millions of products.

They also provide with a collection of products from more than hundreds of suppliers on a single platform or web portal. They always ensure that the product list and suppliers are included with the names of top rated brands globally. As they offer a collection of millions of products and hundreds of suppliers so it is evident that they also maintain a database of thousands of potential clients from the global world. The number just keeps on increasing as clients get to browse through the wide category of products on a single platform.

Dropship access reviews

Just like any other online business, dropship access also offers its own set of pros and cons. Some such factors have been discussed here in this article that can also be considered as its best features.

Pros Factors

1) A wide range of products

One main benefit is that customers get to make the selection form its wide database of products on the same platform. Some of the websites will offer a collection of over 100,000 products in their database. Apart from this, the products are also offered from over hundreds of suppliers. So no matter what product you need that suits your business requirements, you can always find it here. Some of the best clients that are included in their database are selected from top rate branded names like Ferrari, Microsoft, Nike, Sony, Disney, Hilfinger, Chanel and a lot more. You have an advantage where you can make your selection from amongst wide product category and subcategories such that the process of selection can be more simplified. Some most common subcategories may include Mobiles, Computers, Art, DVDs, Electronics, Sporting, Cameras, Health, Kitchen accessories, apparels, Music etc. The web portal certainly does include everything for each type of customer and as a seller, this is one additional benefit as it offers you with variety.

2) Economical Price

When going through dropship beauty products access review you find that they offer with the lowest price range. So they sell products that are considered as economical for most buyers. They are offering with a discount of up to 30 to 70 percent as compared to other online retailers or e-commerce sites. In some cases, you may also find that the price tag is much lower as compared to the retail price set by the retailer. You as a seller are also free to set any mark price for your product.

3) Instant shipment

This is one factor that is most favorable for sellers. The site owners always ensure that the process of shipment of products is done on the same day which is an additional benefit to the supplier or seller. This factor also leads to increased sale’s that is consistent for both buyers and sellers.

Cons factors

1) Limited shipment

This may be one drawback for most suppliers as some sites offer the limited shipment. The site owners may only offer with shipment within the limited geographical region. So you may not be able to sell your product on a global platform.

2) Sign up first

This is another drawback as you may not be able to view the product listing or price till you don’t get signed up with the web portal. In case you want to go through the supplier's list you have to get registered with web portal first as this step is mandatory.

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